Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Items for Sale

The following items are available directly from me. Anything bought will be packed up usually within a day of payment and sent by First Class Mail (UK). Please write to me at bagrec (at) gmail.dot.com if you live outside the UK and we'll sort something out!

Ticklish/Fizzarum Split Vinyl LP on Textile Records (2001)
Side one is a single lengthy piece- "Rubato" recorded by Ticklish (Kev Hopper, Phil Durrant, Richard Sanderson - Electronics, and (unseen) Rob Flint - Video). Released by the French label, Textile. Side Two contains tracks by the Russian electronica group "Fizzarum"

£8.00 + £2.50 postage

Steve Beresford w/John Butcher and Richard Sanderson "I Shall Become A Bat" Qbico LP on black and red splattered vinyl (2004)
One side is a series of improvisation by the duo of Steve Beresford (objects and electronics) and John Butcher (saxophones), while the whole of side two is taken up by the title track- a duo improvisation by Beresford and Sanderson, both playing electronics and objects. Lovely Duchamp cover design and black vinyl with red splatters. Now pretty scarce.

£10.00 plus £2.50 P&P

Lost Robots "No" Digipack CD Album on the Orchestra Pit Recording Company (2008)

Critically unacclaimed avant rock album by London quartet of Mark Braby (drums/Guitar/Vocals), Andy Coules (bass/engineering), Clive Pearman (Guitar/Banjo) and Richard Sanderson (Organ/Vocals). Fractured rock, elegant pastoralism, noise, pots and pans, and loads more. We thought it was our "Faust Tapes", and I still love it...rest of the world completely ignored it.
£8 plus £1 P&P

Tick Tick - "The Immortalisation of Tick Tick" 6 Track 12" on Chance Records (1980)

Recorded in January 1980 by Middlesbrough post-punkers Tick Tick (Gary Widdowfield - Guitar, Richard Sanderson - Bass/Piano and Geoff Spence - Vocals, Drum Machine), "The Immortalisation of Tick Tick" is an extraordinarily obscure bit of Brit DIY, coming in somewhere between The Fall and the Young Marble Giants. White Paper sleeve in plastic bag, although I'll knock up some kind of insert if you buy one. Over 30 years old and hardly any left at all...

£10.00 plus £2.50 P&P

Foulkestone Gazette 12 page magazine
The "Foulkestone Gazette" was produced by me and Jude Cowan to commemorate our first gig. It includes lyrics, short essays, some explanations of the Foulkestone method, illustrations, a bit of "creative writing" a cartoon and other bits and pieces. The magazine is resolutely pre-digital. Jude did the pictures and writing in pencil and pen, I used a manual typewriter...

50p plus 35p postage